Midnight Special
Jeff Nichols
Michael Shannon
Joel Edgerton
Kirsten Dunst
Adam Driver

The comparisons that have been made of Jeff Nichols’s new Midnight Special to Steven Spielberg’s Close Encounters of the Third Kind are many, and they’re also true. But as we quickly learn during an interrogation scene, “this is something different.” The movie begins as a high-octane thriller, fueling the getaway car of a kidnapping in progress. Naturally, these are no ordinary kidnappers (Michael Shannon and Joel Edgerton) – they’re tinged with morality. Their motives are not financial, but spiritual, calling to the higher power of their precious cargo, a young boy named Alton Meyer (Jaeden Liberher). Alton, who is more a passenger than a victim, has a growing mystique, for which members of different factions are willing to take lives and risk their own.