Best Film Villains: Final Four Baddest Baddies

To celebrate the Spooktacular month of October, the Bit Players have put together a tournament to honor those individuals that make the month leading up to Halloween such a special one: the movie villains. For the entire month, you can vote on each matchup as we lead up to Halloween, when we will crown the #1 film villain of all time. Whether they’re demented psychopaths, silent slashers, megalomaniac world-crushers, or just manipulative bullies, movie villains have long been a huge part of film history and serve just as vital of a role as the heroes they battle; they often become more revered than even the cape-donning protagonists that serve as their foils, perhaps because it’s easier to see a little humanity in the evildoers than strict do-gooders.

The Final Four is upon us. Not everything shook out the way we expected, but this goresome foursome is pretty formidable, if you ask us. Of course, the Foul Fiend region had no chance of seeing a 1-seed come out after the tremendous Jason Voorhees upset over Voldemort, and Hans Gruber gave Darth Vader one hell of a fight, but three of the final four are 1-seeds. This week will truly see some monumental clashes with Joker squaring off against Michael Myers -- pure evil pitted against pure evil -- and Darth Vader taking on Hannibal Lecter -- redemption story personified against one very hungry man with very specific tastes. Either of these duels can go either way, and we expect two very close polls.

You have a full week to vote for your favorite villains as we get one step closer to crowning the ultimate film baddie.

The voting process will be laid out as follows:
Round 1: Monday, October 3 - Wednesday, October 5
View First Round Results
Round 2: Thursday, October 6 - Sunday, October 9
View Second Round Results
Sweet 16: Monday, October 10 - Wednesday, October 12
View Sweet Sixteen Results
Elite 8: Thursday, October 13 - Sunday, October 16
View Sweet Elite Eight
Final Four: Monday, October 17 - Sunday, October 23
Finals: Monday, October 24 - Sunday, October 30

Read below to pick your champion, and make sure to enter your email address in the final matchup in order to be entered into a random drawing for a $50 Fandango gift card. You may vote as many times as you'd like, but your email will only be entered once per day. This means that over the course of the full tournament's 27 days, your email could be entered 27 times to win!

#1 Joker (The Dark Knight)
Baddies Beaten:
Shere Khan
Kylo Ren
Jason Voorhees
#3 Michael Myers (Halloween)
Baddies Beaten:
Green Goblin
Jack Torrance

This honestly feels like Joker's first true test. He had a cakewalk to the Final Four, and he turns around from celebrating with his cut-up grin to the glean of Michael Myers' massive knife. As with each of these matchups, we don't blame you for whoever you pick here. These two villains are two of the very few almost pure iterations of evil, and each is represented on film very well, though in totally different ways. On the one hand, you've got Heath Ledger's powerhouse, Oscar-winning performance that of course went on to be surrounded by the type of mystique that only tragedy can bring about. On the other, Myers' silent, faceless, and unstoppable presence has been a mainstay for almost forty years across the Halloween franchise. Both iconic, both irreplaceable (sorry Leto).

#1 Darth Vader (Star Wars)
Baddies Beaten:
The Leprechaun
Cruella de Vil
Hans Gruber
#1 Hannibal Lecter (Hannibal)
Baddies Eaten:
Biff Tannen

Wheweeeee. The matchup we knew would happen but kind of hoped wouldn't. Each of these dudes are absolute legends of villainy. Vader and Hannibal are two sides of the cultural coin, with Vader inspiring millions of Halloween costumes, childhood love, an entire friggin' universe, and Hannibal almost taboo, too evil to even want to replicate or root for, but somehow you find yourself still loving him thanks to Anthony Hopkins' legendary performance. Either way, we have a hunch, despite Joker's overall 1-seeded standing, that the winner of this matchup is our overall winner.

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