Jarryd Baxter

Favorite Film: Amélie
Favorite Director: Steven Spielberg
Favorite Actor: Leonardo DiCaprio
Favorite Actress: Jessica Chastain

Jarryd Baxter was born in Denver, Colorado but grew up with the rest of The Bit Players outside of Atlanta, Georgia. His love for movies began at an early age watching countless Disney classics with his younger siblings. Soon he graduated to pizza parties and Star Wars on Friday nights with the neighbors, but it wasn’t until Jurassic Park that he discovered the extent of emotion that film could inspire. The rest of Jarryd’s childhood consisted of a strict rotation of Speed, Bad Boys, and True Lies on VHS. In college he welcomed a more diverse array of film, as his Spanish professors introduced him to the bizarre world of Pedro Almodóvar and nearly every movie starring Gael García Bernal. Despite a new appreciation of film, he still loves the animated, instant classics that Pixar continue to produce today. Jarryd enjoys all film, but prefers those that make you learn, laugh, love, and cry.
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Brad Bird
Ridley Scott
The Coen Brothers
David O. Russell
Michael Mann
Ridley Scott
Steven Spielberg
Jonathan Demme
Guillermo Del Toro
James L. Brooks
Wes Anderson
David O. Russell
Wes Craven
David Lynch
Pedro Almodovar
Stephen Soderbergh
Steven Spielberg