Favorite film: The Man From Snowy River
Favorite director: James Gunn
Favorite actor: Tom Hardy
Favorite actress: Julianne Moore

Clark is a busy man living his dream by starting a small farm with his beautiful Brazilian wife and partner, Sarah. Clark and his wife watch new and old movies together and with close friends on every occasion. His passions include sci-fi movies, organic gardening, cooking and eating, good people, treehouse hangouts, and rock music legends.

Clark's first remembered experiences with movies were watching The Wizard of Oz almost daily as a young child. To this day he prefers vivid fantasies and stories of triumph over difficult situations. He also appreciates the cultural aspects of film, preferring to see big releases as midnight premieres with close friends tightly tucked in amongst fellow enthusiasts at sold-out showings. A self-described "passionately casual" movie watcher, he prefers "big budgets and short titles" and does not believe that academics or critics can know any better than any one else what makes a movie great.

Some of his all-time favorites include: Home Alone; 2001: A Space Odyssey; Stardust; the James Bond franchise; the Marvel Cinematic Universe; and almost every over-the-top action or adventure movie ever made.