About Us

The Bit Players podcast exists to enjoy that close connection between film and our friendship. Five longtime friends make up the hosts: Jeff, Anders, Jarryd, Clark and Brian. We have known each other since middle school and though much has changed in the interim, our love of films remains. They strike us differently at different times in our lives. Some childhood classics have been replaced, while other time-tested movies still enjoy rewatch after rewatch. Regardless, we’ve grown fond of the movie-going experience and found that some of the magic of the movies ought to be shared.

But we certainly don’t share tastes in film; in fact they’re as divisive for us as the films are enjoyable. We gave up coming to unanimous agreement on which films to watch a while back and now settle for making lists. The process has each of us write three to five selections on a piece of paper that we ball up and put in a hat. The papers are then all tossed to the floor and the order in which they land, going left to right, determines the order we watch the films. Now that we live in different parts of the country, a podcast seems a natural way to continue with the fun of our lists. With The Bit Players, we hope to deepen our love of movies and convey some its magic with listeners.

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